Radially Aligned Sintered NdFeB Magnets

The radial magnetization increases the ring’s magnetic force, thus creating the strongest NdFeb ring magnet available for industrial and commercial use.
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This new technology for the production of sintered NdFeB, improves the magnetic flux generated by single “ segment” or “ skew “ magnets, better efficiency performances on the engine.

The advantages of radial sintered magnets are significant:

  • Rings measure up to 120mm in diameter.
  • Radial sintering assures no “weak spots”.
  • Magnets are multi-poled – ring does not compromise the magnetic properties.
  • Magnetizing radially makes for a super strong magnet.


  • Brushless Motors  /  Pancake Motors  /   DC PM Motors   / Step  Motors
  • Magnetic Closing Systems
  • Magnetic Systems  for relé
  • Machines and  Accesory  for industry
  • Magnetic Tools
  • Magnetic Separators

NdFeB based sintered radially oriented ring and segment magnets are more available now: 

Magnets Real Magnetic texture Magnetic Configuration
*    Actuators
*    Magnetic bearings
*    Magnetic clutch
*    Peripheral motors
*    Spindle motors
*    Steering control motors
*    Stepper motors
*    Other new products

*    Precision of geometry
*    Variety of magnetic configuration
*    Homogeneous distribution of magnetic field
*    Design and assembly simplification
*    Precision of motor performances
*    Cost efficiency
*    Huge marketing potential

Sizes and shapes of magnets can be customized:
*    Maximum outside diameter is 60 mm
*    Minimum inside diameter is 25 mm
*    Maximum wall thickness is 7 mm
*    Minimum wall thickness is 2 mm
*    Maximum length is 25mm (for small thickness – 15)
*    Tolerances: mostly +/- 0.1 mm

Surface treatment:
These magnets can be covered by any available coatings,
like usual two-pole magnets (NiCuNi, Ni, Zn, epoxy etc.