Standart Shape NdFeB Magnets

Product Information

  • Produced by the powder metallurgical method with chemical composition of Nd2Fe14B
  • Very brittle and hard
  • Poorest corrosion resistance of all commercial magnetic material
  • High resistance to magnetic demagnetization
  • Excellent cost to performance ratio
  • Reasonable temperature stability
  • Not suitable for application which exposed to high temperatures

Radially Aligned Sintered NdFeB Magnets

This new technology for the production of sintered NdFeB, improves the magnetic flux generated by single “ segment” or “ skew “ magnets, better efficiency performances on the engine.

The advantages of radial sintered magnets are significant:

  • Rings measure up to 120mm in diameter.
  • Radial sintering assures no “weak spots”.
  • Magnets are multi-poled – ring does not compromise the magnetic properties.
  • Magnetizing radially makes for a super strong magnet.


  • Brushless Motors  /  Pancake Motors  /   DC PM Motors   / Step  Motors
  • Magnetic Closing Systems
  • Magnetic Systems  for relé
  • Machines and  Accesory  for industry
  • Magnetic Tools
  • Magnetic Separators