Magnetic Field Viewer Film

Magnetic Field Viewer Film

Magnetic Field viewer is a micro-encapsulated film which enables the user to view a static magnetic field such as commonly emitted by permanent magnets or dc electromagnets. Simply placing the film directly on the surface of the magnetic material in question can instantly reveal a magnetic field of any shape or pattern.
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The highly flexible film easily conforms to magnetic surfaces with any degree of convexity or concavity. Magnetic Field viewer is used across the globe for quality control, product demonstration, reverse engineering, authentication and educational purposes.
Encased within the green film are millions of magnetic particles suspended in oil. A magnet will attract the particles to the areas where the magnet is the strongest – at its poles. The poles appear dark green. Multiple pole magnets such as those on business card magnets will display interesting patterns, such as the example pictured below.

The film is highly flexible and can wrapped arround objects.
The viewer film come from the factory as a uniform green. However, once the film is exposed to a magnetic field, black lines or dark areas will remain in the film, even after the magnetic field is removed. This is normal behavior for the film. The film can be re-used over and over again and will continue to show the magnetic field of sources strong enough to coerce the the suspended iron particles in the film.

There is no practical way to reset the film to the uniform green from the time of manufacture. Exposing the film to a very large magnet or magnetic field can bring the film fairly close to an even color. Customers have reported that magnetic tape de-gaussers, used to erase audio tape, work fairly well at restoring the original green color to the film.

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